Eco-Friendly, Conflict Free, 100% Real Man Made Diamonds

Things we are proud of

  • Going green with eco-friendly diamonds. Cultured diamonds are those grown in high-tech laboratories by competent specialists. Thus, no mining, digging, water and air pollution, and devastation of the environment.
  • Not being involved in any conflicts. The process of diamond growing is highly controlled and does not imply child labor or human rights abuse.
  • Offering high quality product of known reputable companies like Gemesis, New Age Diamonds and Apollo. Created diamonds undergo numerous testing applied for natural diamonds and are certified by GIA, EGL and IGI.
  • Affordable price. As creation of diamonds does not require huge resources needed for mining process, the price for cultured diamonds is accordingly lower.
  • –°olored gemstones. Colored diamonds are rare in nature but not in our laboratories. Due to modern technologies we can offer you yellow, green, blue and red diamonds alongside traditional colorless ones.