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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

22 April is the Earth's day. Let's take care about our Planet.

Actually, the Earth's day should be every day, but not once in a year. However, this is a nice chance to show one's attitude towards the environment on April 22. Here are some activities you may do while taking care about the planet:
  • Rid litter. It's easy to rid litter from your backyard, but what about litter scattered on the road or neighboring street? There is a number of clean-up groups on this day which pick up litter on the streets like plastic cans, paper bags etc. In order to support the idea of taking care about the environment, some organizations donate gloves and bags and other necessary equipment to such groups.
  • Plant a tree. Yeh, the best way to go green is to do it with a green plant. More trees - more oxygen and lesser bad impact of exhausted gases. Trees are also planted in order to avoid soil erosion. In addition to practical benefits, trees are just great to raise the spirits. It's very pleasant to have a nap in a shade of a tree in a hot day.
  • Ride your bicycle. It's a known fact that automobile exhaust emissions take a greater part of all emissions that cause greenhouse effect. If you are an eco-conscious person, give preference to your bike or any other type of eco transportation instead of car, at least on the 22rd of April.
  • Learn more about our planet and teach your children. The Earth is our house we live in. The Earth's day is a nice occasion to learn more about the environment to help to protect it. Like, you may read about the places that you know little about, like Africa, underwater world or deserts. It's a nice opportunity to start think globally.
  • Make an offer of marriage! Yah, it's a nice chance. There is a nice opportunity to buy an engagement ring and say the sweet words to your dearest. The best way to show your environmentally friendly attitude is to purchase a diamond ring with a man-made diamond. First, it's absolutely eco-friendly as it is made in the laboratory; second, created diamond is of the same quality as natural one - it is real; third, man-made diamonds are cheaper. So, triple profit as you see.
Have a nice Earth's Day and practice it every day :)

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  1. You are right, Earth Day should be everyday because taking care of our mother earth is our obligation since we all live in one planet.