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Friday, April 30, 2010

$6.4 million for rare blue diamond! It's not the record yet

Have you heard the news:
 Rare flawless blue diamond from De Beers Millenium Collection was auctioned in Hong Kong and sold for $6.4 million. The 5.16 carat diamond exceeded the estimated price. Sotheby's priced the pear-shaped gem between $4.6 and $5.8 million.
 This year Sotheby's auction took place in Hong Kong, in a country which did not suffer from economical crisis as much as the rest of the world. Sotherby's thought that luxuries are still in high demand in this country, as at the end of 2009 the vivid pink 5 carat diamond ring was sold there for $10.8 million.
 On May 2009 the unique blue 7 carat diamond was auctioned in Geneva in 2009 and sold for $9.5 million. However, another blue holds the absolute record. Before it belonged to the known German dynasty - Wittelsbach. In 2008 greyish blue diamond was sold for $24 million! 

Unbelievable price, don't you think? And it would seem unreal to have any jewelry with blue diamond but for high pressure high temperature technology. The latter made possible to create rare blue gems in the laboratory. New Age Diamonds - is a world-know manufacture of fancy color real diamonds.

Diamonds grown in the laboratory conditions are cheaper than mined diamonds, and concerning colored diamonds - they are much cheaper. However, don't think they are dirt-cheap. The technology for growing diamonds is very complicated, that is why the production cost is not as low. These factors keeps the value high and number of created diamonds low. The price depends on color, clarity, weight and cut. For instance, yellow diamonds are cheaper than green ones, and greens are cheaper than blues. Usually, one carat of lab-grown diamond starts from $4000 to $6000 and it grown proportionally! This is one (among many) of the main advantages of created diamonds. It means, if 1 carat of blue diamond costs $6000 (again, it depends on the clarity and cut), then you will have to pay about $31.000 (not millions) for 5.16 carat of blue gem. You see, it much cheaper than the same stone but of natural diamond.

What do you expect from diamond? Solidity? Unique fire? Or you want it to serve you all your life without loosing its color? Created diamonds the same as natural stones are grown to meet your expectations. Modern technology allows to reproduce all the properties of natural diamond crystals and to create the same real diamonds in the laboratory. The only difference you will have - the age of your stone. It took thousands of years for mined diamonds to be formed under the ground, then it took huge efforts and costs to extract them from volcanic ore. That is why they are so expensive. As the name suggests, created diamonds are grown by man in the laboratory. It took only several days to create real diamond.

As you see, you can also enjoy the beauty of rare blue diamond without spending millions of dollars to make your dream come true. Shine blue with created blue diamonds!

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