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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Be Eco-stylish With 'Green' Wedding Rings

First, it seemed to be an oddity, then a strange but acceptable event, now it is a kind of tendency. We are speaking about green wedding. And what a wedding is without a wedding ring?!

Though being rather small a ring is a very important part of the whole wedding event as the party ends, the guests leave but a ring remains for the whole life. Moreover, it serves as a symbol of endless love - with no beginning and no ending on the band.

When exchanging the rings the couple affirm their marital union by vow and promise to love each other unconditionally, to support in all goals, to honor and respect and to cherish each other for as long as they both will live. What if amplify this vow to "help to change this world and make it better"? Small wedding rings can do a great thing to alter the world for better. Think about the material they are made of. If it does not imply human rights abuse or bringing harm to environment this is the very ring that makes you and the planet feel happy. Here is a list of most common engagement rings used for green wedding:

1. Hammered silver rings. They are made of recycled sterling silver. These rings are perfect choice for eco-conscious couples which help to make no harm to nature and to save money at the same time. They are usually handmade and can be of various designs, weight and width.

2. Wooden rings. Can you imagine such a ring? First of all, it is absolutely unusual and unique. Be sure your ring-finger will be paid attention to. Moreover, it is very comfortable to wear and is said to be rather practical. In addition, it is very beautiful. A wooden ring is just a perfect alternative to precious gems and metals.

3. Created diamond wedding rings. Those who believe that engagement ring should be only diamond and do not want to experiment with other gems have a great chance to try a wedding ring with created (man made) diamond. It is a known fact that diamond mining has devastating impact on flora and fauna and the Earth's climate upon the whole. Man made diamonds in turn are created to avoid this harmful impact on the ecosystem. With created diamond you will get everything you expect from naturally-occurring diamond: durability, longevity, wearproofness and of course incredible shine and luster. Unlike mined diamonds, man made diamonds can boast affordable price.

So, let nothing darken your wedding and prevent you from making better changes for this world.


  1. Though Ring is small but the value of rings is very much importance in human life, specially for the wedding people.

  2. Absolutely, that is why cultured diamond engagement rings can help wedding people save money with the same performance of mined diamonds.