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Monday, December 27, 2010

Pink & Blue Diamond Pendant and Not Only...

It seems blue diamonds are hot at auctions, neither dear price nor economic instability in the world or other factors can't prevent true connoisseurs of blue diamonds from spending millions of dollars at auctions in order to become a honorable owner of a rare gem.

There are not only diamonds that set records by their jaw-dropping price tags, but there is also Christie's New York Jewels Sale that broke the record and put up four blue diamonds to auction on June 11, 2009. Actually, flawless blue diamonds are few in the world. According to Rahul Kadakia, a head of jewelry for Christie's in New York, there is only a small number of blues at auctions worldwide per year, say in 7,000-8,000 lots there can be only one or two blue diamonds. However, the previous year was the exception.

The showstopper of Christie's auction was pink & blue diamond necklace. Two fancy intense blue diamonds of 5.01 and 2.03 carats serve a perfect addition to a fancy vivid pink 3.01-carat diamond. Blue diamonds are of beautiful pear shape, while pink one is of hexagonal cut.

Another rare lot was an unset pare-shaped 6.29 fancy vivid blue stone. This one managed to go for $3.6 million, what is $565,000 per carat. Also there was a stunning white & blue rectangular-cut diamond ring. It was estimated at $250,000-350,000, but was sold for $2,675,000, making $753,000 per carat for the blue diamond.

Blue diamonds get their color from the introduction of boron atoms in the structure of diamond crystal during the period of diamond formation. That is why blue diamonds, and especially fancy vivid blues, are too rare to be mined.

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