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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rare Blue Diamond Ring Made a Noise in the Jewelry Market

Unbelievable how an occurrence of such a little thing on a jewelry market can cause a huge sensation. Blue diamonds gained the reputation of rare and sought-after gems due to their paucity in number, so this ring was initially doomed to extreme popularity.

This diamond ring is unique by its design and combination of gems: blue and white triangular-shaped diamonds are of the same size and cut, they are like twins but of different colors. It seems they were cut to match each other. Both gems are united on a golden band. Total amount of diamonds is 10.95 carats, what makes this ring the largest blue diamond ring that ever hit the jewelry market.

A bit of history: this stunning ring was a precious present given to a wife of Roman Bulgari, a known Italian jeweler, on the occasion of her giving birth to their first baby-son. Some say this Burgari ring denotes a symbolic meaning: it aims to show a true and inseparable love of a mother and a son. Frankly speaking, it will perfectly denote an everlasting love between a husband and a wife either.

Predictable, the price for such piece of art is going to be rather high. The ring is estimated at $15 million, it's about $1.5 million per carat.

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  1. This diamond ring is unique by its design and combination of gems, really its look awesome...