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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Record-holder Among Blue Diamonds

What are the most expensive things in the world? Those that are rare to be found, and blue diamonds are just the things.

In May 2009 a rare blue diamond set a record price at Sotheby's auction in Geneva. A magnificent fancy vivid blue diamond gem of 7.03 carat in size was sold in 15 minutes for $9.49 million — the highest price ever paid per carat. A short bidding battle was just a proof that there are diamond lovers for whom the economic downturn is not an obstacle and they are ready to pay a high price to become an honorable owner of a rare sought-after gem.

The previous record was set by a blue stone two years before, in 2007. At that time 6.04 flawless vivid blue diamond was sold for a cool $7.9 million, thus it delivered $1.3 million per carat.

Such a high price for blue diamonds is determined by their paucity in number. Blues are most rare after reds and there are only a handful of them mined in a year, flawless vivid blue are a great luck to be found at all. This fact makes the gems so longed-for and skyrockets their price basically due to their rarity.

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