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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gemesis Aims to Fill the Market by Their Diamonds

It looks like Gemesis production of diamonds goes full steam these days. Even those who doubted this fact were convinced by Steven Lux at the GIA Symposium hold on May 31.

A chief executive officer of Gemesis Steve Lux announced his company is determined to produce one million carats by the end of 2020. It proves that lab grown diamonds are getting more popular due to their price, which is about 25% less than the cost of the equal but mined gem. However, as Lux claims, many people consider the environmental impact of mining rather than the price tag.

Gemesis is known to produce high-quality yellow diamonds than of any other color and this year they are going to launch the production of colorless gems that remain number one choice for wedding diamond rings.

One more thing Lux paid attention at, he asked not to use the word “synthetic” when speaking about Gemesis diamonds, because customers mostly associate this term with simulants and fake diamonds, which are not diamonds at all. It would be right to say “laboratory grown”, “man made”, “created” or “cultured” diamonds referring to Gemesis products.

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