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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scio Diamond Technology Corporation is Going Full Steam

It wasn't actually very long ago when Apollo Diamonds have sold the assets to Scio Diamond Technology and the newly emerged company show their utter commitment to the business. The company is pleased to announce they have 10 new diamond growing reactors now arrived to the headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina fully ready for the mass production of diamonds. However it will take time to get the whole lab infrastructure ready. They also need to hire and train the lab staff prior to they start mass producing diamonds.

Scio's CEO Joseph D. Lancia claims the whole team is very excited anticipating for the critical time in the history of Scio when they run the production of the world's most solid stones. They still have to check a range of systems including exhaust, piping and conduit to make sure they fit the bill. As soon as everything is checked and tested we expect to come across a fresh press release signifying the the launch production.

Briefly about Scio Diamond: as well as Appollo Diamodns, Scio will grow diamonds applying chemical vapor deposition process (as opposed to HPHT method) allowing to get high-class single crystal stones. While Appollo specialized on white stones mainly, Scio will focus their attention on fancy colored diamonds which are very rare in nature. They will manufacture man made diamonds also known as lab-grown or cultured that should not be mixed up with diamond simulants. Scio team claim to offer only real diamonds of high-quality, high-purity of absolutely the same properties of natural diamonds. The quantity of jewelry diamond will be limited with the bulk part of the grown diamonds aimed for industrial purposes.

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