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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yellow Gold vs White Gold Setting

As you can notice there is lots of information on this blog about diamonds, gadgets incrusted with diamonds, man made diamonds, etc. but not a word was mentioned about the setting. It's time to change the situation.

Normally the setting ranges from white gold to yellow gold and it's always a dilemma what color of setting to choose. If you are to face this choice or already stumbled over it then this information can save your time and nerves and can help you to make a right choice, simply go on reading.

First, decide on what diamond color you want to see in your jewelry. The way how the whole item will look depends on the shade of the diamond: you can intensify fancy yellow diamond by yellow gold but at the same time can suppress the brightness of white diamond and give additional orangish shade to red diamond.

Second, what effect you expect to get: to preferably mark out a gem or to draw attention to the jewelry. Better take white gold for the first and yellow for the second, because yellow is of a brighter and warmer color while platinum is silvery and less catchy, however the effect can also depend on your skin tone (see below).

Third, mind your skin tone. It's always better to compare yellow and white diamond jewelry as it may happen that you like one color while the other is more complementary for you. If you don't know what your skin tone is, cool or warm, have a look on your wrist where veins are visible. People with cool skin tone have bluish colored veins and platinum is more preferable for them. Correspondingly, people with greenish colored veins are offered to wear yellow gold diamond jewelry.

Forth, consider your budget. Keep in mind that it's always recommended to buy the jewelry within your budget. In this case you should know that white gold is a tad more expensive than yellow gold, however it doesn't mean it's more wearproof. Both of them will never wear thin over time even though they are vulnerable to scratching, but white gold is considered to be a bit more durable as far at it's reinforced by a variety of alloys it has in its structure.

Choose wisely!

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