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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Boots: Most Quaint Setting for Diamonds

It's easy to imagine diamonds to be worn on a neck, finger, wrist, hair, even on teeth but it's unusual to see them on footwear. Well, 'road test' is not what diamonds, the most expensive gems, deserve. However, these ankle boots were not made for an everyday wear but were used as an odd setting for expensive gems. If assessed in terms of beauty – they are 100% dazzling and brilliant! And the most expensive by the way.

The boots were designed by the designers An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx from Antwerp and made by diamond dealer Diarough. They were working on them to be in time for the Business of Design Week held in Hong Kong in December 2013. Now they can be found in the office of Diarough, so several jewelers from New Zealand and Australia had got an opportunity to try on them as a part of their trip to Antwerp.

Diamond boots are valued at $3.5 million. They contain 4.7 kilos of gold (4,753 grams) and 38,883 diamonds – sounds like they are very heavy. 1,500 this is an amount of carats that cover the boots. Actually there are fancy colored diamonds: pink, grey and champagne.

But the main goal of the visit were not boots in fact. There was a seminar held from 15 to 21 March in Antwerp devoted to synthetic diamonds. The issues raise were about the difference between natural and synthetic diamonds, their properties and special attention were given to diamond detecting machines. The equipment used at the HRD Antwerp laboratory identify synthetics with 100% certainty. The seminar was just in time, since there was a parcel of yellow diamonds recently given for grading in Australia, which turned to be synthetic though were given for natural. Here is the information about similar case.

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