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Monday, May 12, 2014

Dainty Diamonds of Rare Colors are Expected at Geneva Auction

Such big-name auctions as Sotheby's and Christie's that take place in Hong Kong, New York, Geneva and other places always have some special lots on offer. They are rare pieces of art among which are fancy colored diamonds. Tomorrow some of them – daffodil yellow and sky blue diamonds – are going to shine in Geneva.

Huge Graff Vivid Yellow Diamond weighing 100.09 carats is announced as a star of the event. It was cut by Laurence Graff , the London-based top jeweler. But this is not only the size that gives a stone a status of extremely rare, but a deep daffodil color that is full or life and charm. The experts say this cushion-shaped yellow giant is going to fetch from $15 to $25 million.

There is also another big stone in the showroom. This is a 103.46 carat brilliant shaped diamond cut by Graff, which possesses a wow factor. Though it's not of a fancy color – it's white – but this is one of the largest round diamonds on the globe. It's expected to bring $3.5 – $5 million.

But let's come to the most talked-about star of the show – this is a flawless fancy vivid blue diamond that is the largest in the world. It has 13.22 carats embodied in a beautiful pear shape. This blue jewel is estimated at $21-$25 million, but the experts believe it will be sold to the high end of that price because of its inner and outer perfection. It should be mentions that for the past 10 years there were only three diamonds of the same vivid grading sold at auctions. All of them were less than 12 carats and none of them was flawless.

Investors at actions seek for fresh rare stones as an option to put money in, with that the market of colored diamonds is very high. So till there are fancy colored diamonds, there always will be the buyers hunting for them.

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