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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Some Ways to Get Your Memories Saved

Life is short but still there's enough time to make so many mistakes to people we love. Sometimes it seems nothing can help to redeem it, especially if a person passed away. No one can bring him/her back but there's one way that can help you have him/her closer with you for a bit longer — turning ashes to memorable thing.

The tradition of keeping an urn of ashes on your mantleplace is giving way to a new trend, when you can have personalized memorials of your close person, or even pass them to next generation. The co-operative named Memorials Walshall offers a range of options how to make the memories of a dead person unforgettable: either to turn them into painting, or body tattoo, or blast them in space or even make a diamond jewelry. Let's focus on the last option.

There are aslo other companies that can make a diamond from person's hair, nail or ahes. LifeGem is the pioneer on the market of memorial diamonds. The company has offices far abroad the United States: in Japan, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and other countries. Such diamonds are getting popular and many customers choose to have them made not exactly from the remnants of a dead person. Some couples decide to commemorate their anniversary with a unique present to always have a 'part' of a loved one with them. Others are so close with their pets that in order to never forget them decide to transfer a clump of hair into a pretty diamond gem. If fact once you realize the advantages of this way to keeping memories, you'll see why people give this idea a try. And the advantages are the following:

- dirty ash will turn itno a beautiful jewel

- while telling someone about your close person you can show a lovely thing left after him/hem

- you can always have a diamond jewel with you as a reminder

- diamond is a lifetime reminder of a person, it never fades and dies

- you can pass it to your children and the children of your children and so on

- you can choose the design of a diamond to your personal preferences

- you can make some diamond gems and give them to other members of your family

If you can add anything to that, please leave a comment to let us know.

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