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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Memorial Diamonds Are Getting Popular in China

In some religions there's a belief that the death is just the beginning. We aren't going to discuss ideological ideas here but to show that once a close person passes away there are some options of how to bury him/her. One of the options that is getting very popular in China is turning ashes of a dead person into memorial diamonds. Here are some reasons whey more and more people decide on this alternative method instead of traditional burial on the mainland:

1 It helps to keep memory longer and closer – memorial diamonds are like real diamonds. They are solid, long-lasting and fadeless. Due to the growing process human ash undergoes high pressure high temperature processing and tightens to a diamond (from 500 grams of ashes come out 1-2 carat diamond stone). A person then can make a diamond jewelry and always keep it close.

2 It saves space – space on mainland is limited especially in China and land is valuable. In most cases the cost for memorial diamonds is cheaper than the price on land.

3 No need to sweep family graves – it often happens that many people migrate to different cities or even countries to work. And it's hard to come back to homeland just to take care of family graves. In that case whenever you go, you will always have your memorial diamond close to you.

4 It's cheaper than burial plots expenses – we've mentioned already how expensive the land is and it makes up the greater part of all burial expenses.

5 It's more practical – it's actually the conclusion of the above-mentioned options. Yes, it's much easier and less troublesome to make a diamond than to bury a person and don't have a chance to visit a grave often.
What do you think about turning human ashes to diamonds?

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