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Friday, February 26, 2010

Colour determines the price. Pink, please!

For years peoples considered white diamond to be the most beautiful one until... pink diamond was mined - the rival. This stone is currently considered to be the king of diamonds. Why? Because it is very-very rare. Diamond stone gets pink tint due to high-temperature environment it was formed, actually higher than needed for other diamonds. The more the temperature was, the brighter the colour of diamond is. This precious stone plays different tints of pink: from pale to nearly brown. All of them look gorgeous!

The mine in Argyle, Scotland is the world-known source of pink diamonds. About 95% of all pink diamonds are mined there. However, only little part of all mined diamonds (one tenth of 1%) is defined as Pink. What do you think the price for such a gem is? 'High' is not a right word for it. 3.14 carat of pink Argyle diamond was sold for a fortune of $1,510,000 in New York in 1989! And it's not the highest price yet. Some of the stones were sold for $1,000,000 per carat to private customers. As you see, only millionaires can afford to wear jewelery with pink diamond, can't they? Actually, Gemesis and New Age Diamonds made it possible for you to look like a millionaire. Try pink diamond but cultured one. You may purchase it on-line at Cultured pink diamond is of the same beauty, solidity and composition as a mined gem. The price is different, and it should be said is affordable! Cultured diamond is grown in a lab under the same conditions as it is found in nature. Due to contemporary techniques it is possible to synthesize all tints of pink diamonds from mild pink to dark rose and even brown. So, want to impress everybody by a ring with adorable pink 2 carat diamond? Do it on a dare!

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