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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fancy Having One of These?

Apollo Blue Cultured DiamondsSuch a wanty gem, diamonds were always used to raise one's status. Even in ancient times kings and noblemen used to wear diamonds, but surely they didn't have even a slightest reflection of these grind gems which are available now. Whoops! Available? Not really. Actually, to buy 1 carat diamond gem you will have to spend about $6000, while 5 carat diamond stone will cost a real fortune - $100000! So, what to do if you want to have champagne taste on a beer budget? Try cultured diamonds then. They are of the same solidity and consistence as natural ones. Cultured, or synthetic, stones are carbon crystals that looks like the diamonds mined from under the ground.And of course they possess the same surpassing and challenging glow only diamonds can shine. According to The Gemological Institute of America, cultured diamonds are graded by the standards used for natural stones. The difference is in the environment the stone were grown up, in laboratory but not in nature. And of course, the price for cultured stones is lower. A lab-grown diamond's price usually varies between 1/7th and 1/30th the price of the mined equivalent, usually depending on the colour of the diamond. In this case in stead of spending $6000 you may have a desired gem for about $1000 or even cheaper. Still fancy having one?
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