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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Double "Green"

In furtherance for two previous posts about the colours of diamonds, let's focus on green stones today. As it was mentioned already, usually the colour of a stone depends on the impurity found in it. Speaking about green diamond, it gets its colour due to special environmental conditions characterized by very high temperature, higher that usual. It's not hard to guess, that in nature green diamonds are not so numerous due to the fact that such environmental circumstances are rare to be found. However, green beauty is still available. But it is hard to imagine the price and efforts waisted to mine one. Piles of useless rock refuse that pollute natural environment and that had been formed for thousands of years are destroyed in order to find a priceless gem. What to do then? What can be the alternative to mining? To solve this kind of controversy scientists imitated natural environment with high-pressure high-temperature conditions to GROW diamonds instead of mining them from underground. White, blue, yellow, rare green and pink diamonds are now available and there is no need to destroy natural environment. Cultured diamond stones are eco-friendly. They are made of graphite and possess the same qualitative characteristics as natural diamonds. Buying cultured diamonds you become a part of the growing green movement, the main purpose of which is to turn world for better by saving natural resources. Become a part of this movement!

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