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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oscar fever: diamonds on the Red Carpet

Oscar Award
Oscar nomination is coming! Surely, some come to Oscar Award show to see celebrated actors and outstanding people but a greater part of visitors are eager to see new trends in fashion and jewelery dictated by nominees. Oscar Red Carpet is the best place of glamour. Film stars wearing couture dresses are so dazzling, it seems due to jewelry they wear - diamonds! A lot of diamonds!

Each year at Oscar Award the worth of diamond jewelry equals normally $400,000,000. The thing is that diamonds are used to be the best complement to any dress and they are always in fashion. This year there is a tendency (as it has been noticed at Golden Globes and SAG Awards) to wear big colourful diamonds. What before seemed to be "gaudy" now is treated as "essential".

But here is the main news for today (drumming roll) - lab-grown diamonds take great stride forward! This year for the first time in the history of Oscar Award celebrities will wear lab-grown diamonds. Gemesis corporation is one of the leading producers of cultured diamonds. Using patent pending high-pressure high-temperature technology Gemesis creates real diamonds in the laboratory environment. The process of diamond synthesis is carefully controlled for each stone to come completely flawless. By the way, all lab-grown diamonds are flawless, but in comparison with flawless natural diamonds, they are less pricey. And they do exist in different colours, so that it will be easy to be in fashion this 2010 Oscar nomination. Another advantage that makes these stones more "precious" is that they are environmentally friendly.

So, let's watch Oscar 2010 and stars walking the Red Carpet with a slogan "Lab Diamond Rock!".

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