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Friday, March 12, 2010

Will you marry me?

Have you ever thought where the traditions come from? People are used to follow various traditions like celebrating St. Valentine's Day with giving heart-shaped presents, or put a candle inside a hollow pumpkin on Hallowing, or keep family most favourite recipes in a Recipe Box. The list of traditions is endless, though today let's cover only one of them: what are the roots of giving diamond wedding ring tradition?

After some investigations three basic reasons can be distinguished:

1. Diamond is considered to be the most solid stone in the world, so it serves a kind of symbol of everlasting, solid relationships of the couple, where a bridegroom gave a diamond wedding ring to his beloved fiancé.
2. It is dated 1477, when Archduke of Austria (later King of the Romans and Holy Roman Emperor) Maximilian I gave his fiancé Mary of Burgundy a wedding ring, which was diamond. Since that time it became a kind of tradition for giving diamond rings.
3. Economic marketing ploy made by De Beers, the largest world Company specialized in diamond mining, trading and manufacturing. During the 30s, when a whole world was in depression, De Beers managed to organize a huge advertisement campaign and create a real diamond boom, which has not ended yet.
Well, to follow the tradition whatever its roots are, a bridegroom has to pay a real fortune (about 3 month's salaries) to buy a tiny sparkle ring. Does not it sound awkward? Moreover, if a ring could tell a story how it was mined, and how much rock had been destroyed to find a gem, how hard people worked to find it, how it was transported (hope not smuggled), then grind - wow, a long story it could be, sometimes "bloody". Do you think a bride would like to get such a ring for the happiest moment of her life? If you really want to make your sweetheart happy without bringing any sacrifice, either financial or ecological, you may choose a ring with created diamond, which is of the same solidity, beauty, shimmer and longevity as natural one. But the main advantage of created diamonds is that they are grown in a laboratory and considered to be eco green diamonds, which are cheaper and conflict free. Let nothing darken your wedding!

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