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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lab grown diamond is an ideal alternative to mined diamond

Expensive natural diamonds

Earth mined stones always were and still are very expensive, nevertheless diamonds are always in fashion. While the price of other precious stones is usually determined by fashion and is constantly changing, the price for diamond remains stable in turbulent jewelry market. And the price is very high. The main reason for such a high price is that this stone is very rare in nature. Moreover, earth mining of natural diamonds implies crushing, digging, destroying and evacuation of tons of rock fragments to find at least one carat, only 0.2 grams, of polished natural diamond. Mining, transporting and polishing take much time and efforts and all these factors determine the price of a stone. In addition, the price varies with the size of diamond - the bigger the stone, the more expensive it is. The thing is, that the price for big stones does not grow proportionally, for instance 1 carat costs $6000 and 3 carats will cost up to $40,000 instead of $18,000. And of course colour dictates the price. White, or colourless, diamonds as well as yellow ones are rather numerous in nature, thus they are cheaper than green, blue or pink, which are rare to be found due to complicated conditions of environment needed for their underground creation.

Equivalent to earth mined diamonds

Such unique characteristics as exceptional hardness and heat conductivity determine mostly industrial application of diamond. It is used for manufacturing of drills, cutters, knives and other similar products. That is why greater part of all mined diamonds (about 80%) is destined for industrial use. So, as this stone is of a great need for humans, scientists and eco-conscious people, who wanted to decrease harm brought to nature, have been looking for the alternative to natural diamonds. Their aim was to find the stone of the same qualitative characteristics but that is cheaper and creation of which would not damage local ecosystems. And the alternative has been found - cultured or lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds possess the same characteristics as natural one because they were created in similar to natural environment with the usage of high pressure high temperature technology. They are of the same durability, solidity and heat conductivity. A part of lab-grown diamonds is used for industrial needs after all, but the rest go for jewelery industry. There is a number of companies like Gemesis, Apollo and New Age Diamonds, which are specialized in producing gem quality created diamonds. These diamonds are of the same shine and brightness typical for natural gems the latter are priced for. The experts claim created diamonds make very serious rivalry to natural diamond market as they are identical in quality and are praised for being eco-friendly. Now, when worthy equivalent has been found the customers face a choice between very expensive natural stones mined with huge damage to nature and cheaper eco friendly analogue of the same quality. Chose wisely.

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