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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Diamond mining and its impact on the environment

Diamond mining is a kind of invasion in local ecosystem, where its different elements exist in side-by-side balance. There are some facts how diamond mining influence the environment:

Energy use and air pollution
Two forms of energy are used for diamond exploration: hydrocarbons (oil, diesel, gas) and electricity. Usage of both of energy sources leads to emission of carbon (CO2) into the air, which in turn causes climate changes and global warming. Greenhouse gases causes by industrial activity are exhaled into the atmosphere and trigger various environmental problems. Reducing energy consumption will help to protect our planet.

Water is used for diamond extraction but not chemicals for them not to damage precious stones. A great number of diamond mines are located in Africa, where water is scarce. So, it is even more important to keep natural water clean and not to pollute it during industrial process.

Balance in nature
There is a great number of living organisms on the planet, starting from micro organisms to animals and humans. All of them exist in a close contact creating unique natural balance. Human activity can be a thread to such a balance. Diamond mines are located in different parts of the world: from North (Canada) to South (Africa) and are usually situated in various ecosystems: coastal areas, deserts, plains and highlands.

Now, think about the impact of diamond mining on surrounding environment. Is it worth it?

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