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Monday, April 5, 2010

Her tears like diamonds on the floor

And her diamonds bring me down... (Rob Thomas)

About a year ago a song of Rob Thomas "Her Diamonds" was a great hit. After listening to it the first question anyone asked was "What is the story of this song?". Actually, there are a lot of stories and assumptions. Some say Rob Thomas was inspired by Toni Morrison's novel "Beloved", where the diamonds were the most painful things in a main character's life, the things that made her cry. Each time a girl cried an author compared her tears with diamonds, which were of symbolic meaning ("her tears were like diamonds").

According to another story, the song tells about Rob Thomas' wife Mari who is suffering terminal disease and here in his song Thomas showed how strong he loves her and empathizes her. He feels the same pain as she does, but she is dying and nothing can't prevent the death.

But the most trustworthy story is of Rob Thomas by himself, let's think. He says, this song is about a girl and she is very ill. The song is about empathy and somewhat dealing with love. Anyway, the song is sad and full of pain and struggle, and love, and feelings, and tears like diamonds...

Don't you know, why Rob Thomas used diamonds for analogy? These rare gemstones are so beautiful, rare and shining that they seem to bring joy only, but here in this song they seem to bring pain. Is there a kind of underlying message? What if he used this analogy on purpose. What if diamonds the same as tears are so rare but manage to cause terrific "pain" to nature and humans.

Hope, one day Rob Thomas will write another song about diamonds but not so sad. Let's tell him about cultured diamonds to inspire him ("wink wink").

Enjoy the song:

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