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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy you — happy planet

What things make you happy? If you are a male, most likely you will feel happy when you buy a new mobile phone of the latest model released, or a new subwoofer for your music center, or a 65' plasma TV-set which will perfectly suits your living-room design, or a new lens to take pictures of those pretty birds twittering on a backyard. Girls are likely to feel happy both from cheaper things like a new pink silk scarf or a pleated skirt the one in a shop window, and from more expensive one like diamonds. Diamonds possess unique energetics that not a single girl seems to remain indifferent. They are known as the best friends of girls, so if you are a man and want to make a special present for your sweetheart, there is nothing better than diamond jewelery.

However, to make at least one girl happy our planet undergoes terrific devastation. Diamond mining implies digging, and to find only one carat of precious stone tones of rock have to be excavated. All those dust and exhaust gases from a great number of vehicles cause devastating impact on the Earth's climate such as greenhouse effect. And we are speaking only about one tiny diamond stone, now multiply it on 130 million — this is a number of annually mined carats of diamonds. So, it seems impossible to have diamonds without all these terrible devastations. In could be, but for cultured diamonds!

Cultured or created diamonds are grown to satisfy the needs of jewelery market and to minimize negative impact on the nature. They are grown in high-tech laboratories with minimum energy consumption and do not imply any kind of mining. They are of the same physical and chemical characteristics as mined diamonds. What is more important (for girls mostly) they possess real diamond gloss! Because they are real diamonds!

Thus, currently thanks to technological progress, hard work of scientists and support of environmentalists, it is possible to make girls happy without making any harm to nature. Think globally with created diamonds and be happy!

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