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Monday, April 12, 2010

Have a problem? Solve it!

It sounds like the rule of life. If there is any problem bothering you, find the way to solve it.

For example, people did not travel much before as it was rather inconvenient: either they had to walk or ride a horse, or go by carriage. Anyway, it was a tiresome trip. To solve the problem of distance people invented a car, bus, train and plain. Now you have an opportunity to travel wherever you want to and choose any vehicle for this purpose. However, transportation caused additional problems. Exhausted gases appeared to have devastating impact on the Earth's climate and environmentalists faced additional problem of intensive air pollution.

Actually, the same happened with diamond mining. Diamonds are needed, undoubtedly. Diamond is the hardest ever stone and is widely used for drill, saw and cutting instrument production. It is resistant to scratching - the characteristic that makes it precious as a gemstone as well. It is good for everyday wear, probably one of the reasons why wedding rings contain diamond but not any other gemstones. Natural diamond is also very tough, that's why it is resistant to breakage. It sounds like diamond is a perfect stone, don't you think so? It is impossible to imagine nowadays' life without diamonds. Nevertheless, diamond minting caused a range of ecological and not only problems. Naturally-occurring diamonds are formed under the ground, so digging is the most applicable way to extract them. Open pits occupy huge territories, which turn into lifeless area. It would seem local eco-systems have little to do with global eco-system, however everything on the Earth exists in close interconnection. The exhausted gases from multitude of mining vehicles get into the atmosphere and cause green house effect, which for its turn leads to a range of changes of the climate. You see, both scientists and environmentalists faced global problem! To solve it they decided not to mine diamonds but to create them.

Presently, cultured diamonds appear to be a great chance for better changes. They are absolutely environmentally friendly and need much less resources for creation. The best thing is that created diamonds are real diamonds! They meet the requirements of European Gemological Laboratory as well as International Gemological Institute. They are found to have the same structural, chemical and optical characteristics of the natural diamonds. Created diamonds are solid and wearproof and can be used for industrial needs and satisfy demand for diamond jewelery as well. And they solve the problem: they minimize negative impact on the environment! Our planet can be saved with the help of cultured diamonds.

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