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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Your darling has presented you diamond jewelry. What this may mean?

If you are presented diamond jewelry there can be three (at least three main) reasons for that:

1. Your darling wants to show how much he loves you.

Well, diamonds are considered to be the best and most precious present. They are valued for their unique properties not a single stone possesses yet: longevity and hardness. Probably, majority of girls are prone to make parallel between diamonds and feelings of the person, who presents diamonds: solid gemstone - solid feelings. Diamonds are a kind of symbol of everlasting and intense love. This is one of the reason they are set in engagement and wedding rings. So, if your darling has chosen diamonds among the rest of jewelry most likely he wanted to express his tender yet intense feelings to you.

2. OR probably he wants to redeem his fault. 
For this purpose diamonds suit just perfect. These bright, sparkling and extremely beautiful gemstones can easily melt even the frozen heart. To be sure this method of atonement works, your darling will probably choose the diamond of fancy color, like yellow or greenish. However, it will cost him a real fortune if speaking about natural diamonds, but it will surely impress you! (by its price also, hope your darling knows about cultured diamonds to give you a perfect and fancy present).

Moreover, diamonds are not the stones to be bought so often due to high price for them. They are usually bought for special events like anniversary or wedding. Thus, whatever the fault the diamonds ideally suits to redeem it.

3. Your darling wants to make "investments". 

Probably, he thinks you will make him an expensive present in return, like Rolex watch or exclusive leather wallet from collection of Alexander McQueen. Or he is rather practical and has chosen diamonds to invest money in them as the price for them is only rising, so in future they are going to cost let's say twice expensive than at the moment they have been purchased.

Anyway, wish your darling loves you and the only reason he presents you diamonds is his sincere feeling to you!

And what do you think could be other reasons?

Images in this post are the courtesy of it's respective owners: Frode Inge Helland, 1978

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