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Monday, May 17, 2010

Glamourous Television Set

For those who love diamonds and have enough diamond jewelry and now want to have one more thing encrusted with diamonds - here it is, a new most expensive and glamourous television in the world!

Now the uber-rich could buy 55-inch PrestigeHD Supreme for £1,5 million. This exclusive television was designed by Stuart Hughes, a known British designer, who created only three expensive items (hie yourself to the sale). Television frame is made of solid 18-carat rose gold, total amount of which equals 28 kilograms. 72 one-carat diamond gems of round shape alongside with hundreds of amethysts and sunstones adorn the outer frame, while the inner is finished in alligator skin.

Unique television was created in association with German company Metz and Switzerland PrestigeHD. There is a pleasant news for those who have a limited budget: Mr Hughes is planning to create a "budget" version of the PrestigeHD Supreme. It will be gold-plated instead of being made of solid gold and of course will have less diamonds.

Mr Hughes believes there are rich customers who would like to have a unique thing regardless to its price. The PrestigeHD Supreme is not the only pricey gadget offered by British designer: gold-plated bike and iPhones are most known from the rest, and they found their customers, by the way. By creating unusual television set Hughes claimed he would like to "push the boundaries" impressing everybody by his unusual view of thing and design. Currently, the PrestigeHD Supreme is considered to be the most expensive television ever made.

Would you like to have one?

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