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Friday, May 14, 2010

Diamonds and... Men!

There is a buzz phrase which is known to nearly each person: "Diamonds are girls' best friends", but why only girls'? Men wear diamond too! Diamonds are worn by both men of business who appreciate severity and style, and by dandies who go to any length to entice tender daughters of Eve. Diamonds accentuate preciosity of style. They could be compared to the fragrance of very expensive perfume: subtle and discreet, but at the same time perceptible. What makes diamonds so observable is their unique fire, which is common to all gemstones regardless their size. Thus, women are not the only diamond-fanciers, men are also.

So, the most popular diamond-encrusted thing men used to wear is a watch. Men can find a huge variety of them: with diamond crystals instead of figures, with a whole row of little gemstones set full-circle, with diamond gems scattered all over a dial, with diamonds wristband, etc. Each man could choose a watch to match his individual style and taste, and price of course.

Diamond rings are usually associated with girls' engagement rings, it's true. However, men like to have a signet ring on their fingers either. And here men-customers could really lose their bearings among gillion of men's diamond ring designs. Men usually wear rings (if they are not wedding) on their right hand, on the middle finger or just opposite the wedding ring. Some prefer to wear it on a pointer or on a pinky. Anyway, there are a lot of sizes to fit each finger it seems. If not, there is an opportunity to order an individual ring of unique design and particular size for you.

You could also meet a man wearing a dog tag or a pendant. Yes, men like something to hang around their neck, especially to peek out of a shirt. Though you might think there is nothing special about dog tags as they are of the same shape, but they differ in style. Diamond dog tag even feature fancy colored diamonds, such as black, blue and green diamonds. As for pendants, they could be various: traditional crosses, stars of David, initial letters, skulls, zodiac pendants, anchors, even boxing gloves, tires and Mickey Mouse, whatnot!

Cufflinks used to be traditional men jewelry. There are diamond cufflinks made of either yellow of white gold. A man of business should have a pair of them to make an impression on his colleagues. A perfectly ironed shirt with a pair of diamond cufflinks not only looks perfect, but raises your social status.

Men's diamond bracelets the same as women's are great. They are worn to impress. Men's diamond bracelets could be encrusted with fancy colored diamonds alongside white gemstones. Bracelets are usually worn on a right hand, so that when you are greeting someone your opponent could see your bracelet.

For most elegant dandies there is a collection of diamond earrings. Square, round or triangular they feature usually white and black diamond gems, though yellow, blue and green diamonds could be set in either.

Well, it seems in some cases diamond jewelry is not a folly but a necessity. However, sometimes you need to spend a whole fortune to satisfy your whim. Do you think it's possible to have the first without the second?

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