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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Most known "diamond" dresses in the world

While the men try to impress everybody by their chick and luxurious cars, the women used to dazzle everybody by their unbelievable priceless dresses. Actually, the dresses have prices but the latter are very high. Peau de soie fabric, unique century-old lace, golden thread and taffeta still can't increase the price to millions of dollars even if all of them are used in abundance. Diamonds determine the price! Women love diamonds and some love them in plenty. Here is a list of most known and most expensive "diamond" dresses in the world:

1. “Nightingale of Kuala Lumpu” strikes by its high price first of all- $30 million price. It is the most expensive dress in the world and its diamond bikini is considered to be the most expensive item of clothing. This red dazzling evening gown is made of silk and taffeta and embroidered in 750 diamonds. There is a huge 70 carat pear-shaped diamond in the center of the bodice. Even the dress train is encrusted with natural gemstones. All diamonds come from Middle Eastern jeweler Mouawad, an author of Heidi Klum's jewelry line. This masterpiece was created by Malaysian designer Faisol Abdullah in 2009. The dress was displayed at STYLO Fashion festival in Malaysia. When asked about the price, Faisol Abdullah said he believed that there are rich people who would like to have such unique pricey gown and the price tag would not be an obstacle.

2. $20 million dress created by a jewelry icon Chris Aire had been a titleholder of most expensive dress in the world for a long time till Faisol Abdullah designed a more pricey gown. On September 2005 a fashion model May Anderson was honored to debut Chris Aire's dress at his runway show. The dress is made of red gold and diamond only - no fabric and lace. A breathtaking gown is encrusted with unbelievable number of diamonds - 5,500 gems! Total weight of diamond stones equals 3,496 carats. The gown weights 15.5 pounds - not typical for usual dress, however most of women would love to wear even such a heavy dress to impress the others.

3. The Diamond Wedding Gown takes third place. If you want to strike your guests by an awesome wedding dress, you have to pay $12 million for it. It is a work of Renee Strauss, who is a know owner of the bridal salon in Los Angeles. Strauss collaborated with Martin Katz, a jewelry designer, who embroidered the dress in 150 carats of diamonds. This dress debuted at Luxury Brands Lifestyle Bridal show in 2006. Later Yumi Katsura took a shot to beat the record having designed her wedding dress, which was priced at $8.5 million though. A wedding is an expensive occasion but could you imagine to be the most "valuable" bride?

4. Yumi Katsura wedding dress is next. A Japanese bridal designer used 1000 pearls to decorate tight-fitting long ankle dress. The legendary dress is made of satin and silk and features zari embroidery. Unique, one of two, 5 carat white gold diamond and 8.8 carat green diamond gem emblaze the gown and make it special.

5. Most extravagant and original dress ever encrusted with diamonds is the one worn by Samantha Mumba. An Irish actress and singer appeared in her new amazing dress at the premier of Spider-Man 2 on July 28, 2004. To be attuned with the film Samantha worn a dress made in a shape of spider's web. However, this is the most expensive web ever known as it contains 3000 diamonds - it's like a moving jewelry shop! This unusual dress was created by a British fashion designer Scott Henshall. To impress the public an actress paid a real fortune for this diamond gown - $8 million, though some sources claim it is valued $13 million.

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