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Friday, May 21, 2010

Man Made Diamonds: Where to Buy

Diamonds... So bright, fabulous, fadeless and captivating these little pricey brilliant gems leave no one indifferent. Gemesis, Apollo, Chatham and New Age Diamonds are notable brand names in the world of diamond jewelry, like Coco Chanel or Christian Dior in the world of fashion clothing. These known companies possess modern high-tech laboratories where they grow 100% real diamond gems. After several days of growing diamond stone falls into skilled hands of gem cutter, who makes a rough shone shine and makes the gem iridescent. Thereon, a shaped gem undergoes grading by reputable gemological laboratories where professionals identify diamond's cut, clarity, color and weight. At last, shiny stone is set into jewelry, the one you could easily buy.

"Easily" is the word applied to man made diamonds actually, which are cheaper than natural. Nevertheless the lower price does not infect the quality of the gems. They are of the same beauty, solidity, longevity and possess all the rest natural diamond's properties, except age - man made diamonds are much younger.

Those who want to satisfy their whimsies by purchasing diamond jewelry, could do it in two ways: either from your local retailer, or buy it through the Internet. There is nothing special to say about your local retailer as you can go to the shop to take a closer look at the stone and touch it, and try it, whatever. As for the Internet shops it is very important to choose only reputable sources for you not to be cheated. Here are the most known of them:
  • is a reliable source for real cultured diamonds grown by Gemesis, Apollo and New Age Diamonds manufacturers. Here you can order either loose diamond or the one set in jewelry. The customers are offered to choose diamond gem among variety of exclusive colors: colorless, green, blue, pink and red, yellow and orange. All diamonds are certified by competent gemological laboratories. More detailed information about diamonds from you can find on its official website. offers its customers conflict-free diamonds from Chatham and Gemesis diamond growing laboratories. Fancy blue, yellow and pink diamonds will pleasantly surprise you by their high quality and moderate prices. So, if you want to have diamond jewelry just at a fraction of the price, you are welcome to apply for more information. is an on-line diamond jewelry shop with unusual name. The thing is the diamonds offer are of Asian origin and some are from Gemesis company. This is one of the first on-line source of lab grown diamonds and can boast having been on the web market since 2002. Feel free to address for more information.

Be beautiful and shine with your diamond jewelry!

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