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Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Do People Buy Diamonds?

Women are wonderful creatures: they don't care about any economic crises or they don't bother about financial difficulties, they just want to be attractive in spite of everything. It seems, girls can't keep themselves from buying various lady's pretties and, strange as it may seem, diamonds are among the latter. These magnetic gemstones are always in fashion and not a single glamour puss would regret giving preference to exactly diamond jewelry.

However, girls are not the only customers in diamond jewelry shops. Men are among those who are ready to spend a whole fortune at auctions in order to get the desired gemstone. And the bid price often exceeds normal standards - millions of dollars are spent for diamonds. So, both men and women can't resist the temptation to own the unique stones, but why? Why do people buy diamonds?

Probably one of the most common 'why-do-people-buy-diamonds reason' is that people want to raise their social status. All the world knows that diamonds are very expensive and only wealthy people can afford to have diamond jewelry. So, if you are wearing diamonds automatically others start thinking you are a man of property and treating you accordingly. Diamonds appear to be a nice chance for an ordinarily person to become special, better and reputable.

Those who are already rich and reputable are also diamond's fans, but diamonds are the necessity for them. Celebrities and businessmen, politicians and VIP persons always wear diamonds. In this case diamonds are necessary to keep the status of a rich person - quite opposite to the first reason it seems. Could you imagine Angelina Jolie wearing costume jewelry? Or Don King wearing glass instead of all his sparkling diamonds? It would be weird, don't you think? Diamonds have the reputation of 'gems of rich people' for their high price.

Also some people view diamonds as investment and buy them to save and multiply their funds. This gemstone has been treasured since the ancient times. The popularity of diamonds keeps growing year by year, and the price raises correspondingly. For those who have much money and want to multiply them, diamonds can be great investment that will bring double or even larger profit after some period of time. Though diamonds are rarely used as a store of value during period of crisis, however they appear to be just perfect investment during period of very high inflation.

One more reason why people buy diamonds is that they want to be the sole owners of exclusive things. A bit of explanation: there is a limited number of rare world-known diamonds and it is a great honor to be the owner of the diamond which is unique and does not have the analogue. Just imagine you have the Hope diamond in your collection, it automatically makes you famous and exceptional. In addition, there is a limited number of unusual exclusive things encrusted with diamonds like dresses, helmets, cell phones or even TV sets. All of them are objects of envy and admiration, the same as their owners.

Surely, there could be other reasons to motivate people to buy diamonds but the one thing is vivid: diamonds never fade, they are forever. This is the only gemstone that could enslave the hearts of ancient and modern people, of kings and poor men, males and females.

If you have any other ideas about why people buy diamonds, feel free to leave your comment.

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