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Friday, June 4, 2010

Find the Key to Her Heart

If your girlfriend is hesitating whether to give you the key from her heart's doors or not, try to change that key for yours - diamond one!

"Diamonds are girl's best friends" is rather overused known expression mentioned nearly in every article referring to diamonds (as you see, this one is not the exception). Still it's true and it works! Girls are very romantic creatures and prone to believe in various symbols and signs. For example, they do believe diamonds are forever and they are the best gems to symbolize true everlasting love. So, to prove your feelings you should better choose diamonds for the present to impress your beloved one. Moreover, if you choose to present the diamond key, it will look like you are giving the most precious thing you have - the key from your heart.
In addition, here you can demonstrate your creativity: design your key! All respectable jewelers have an option for the customers to choose the design of jewelry they want to set diamonds in.

Bow is the most beautiful part of the key. It can be of different shapes and sizes: curved, angular, with sophisticated turns and details which are just perfect to be encrusted with amazing diamond stones. To enhance the beauty of your key you may choose fancy colored diamonds of blue, green, yellow or pink colors.

Blade is the unique part of each key as it can open only specific lock. Usually a shape of 'flag key' is used by jewelers as it is one of the oldest key shapes and considered to be very beautiful to be used for a pendant. For a long time flag keys were used to lock safes, antiques and chests. So, keep your heart safe for the only girl in your life and let her be the only person to have the key from your heart.

Images in this post are the courtesy of it's respective owners: Tiffany &Co.

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