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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Would You Play With Me?

Barbie doll is one of the most famous dolls in the world mostly due to that fact that her designers could create an image of a modern stylish lady that all the girls are eager to become one day. Barbie has everything the girls are dreaming about.. even diamonds!

Mattel Inc. collaborated with a world known jewelry designer Stefano Canturi to created the most expensive chick Barbie to celebrate the opening of the Barbie Basics Collection in Australia. The diamonds chosen by Canturi for Barbie's necklace come from Argyle Mine, Australia. Argyle Mine is famous for its pink diamonds, which considered to be the most rare diamond gems in the world, thus the most pricey. The price tag for pink beauty sometimes goes over $1,000,000 per carat. One of such awesome pink Argyle Mine's diamonds is set in Barbie's stunning necklace and surrounded by a number of white diamonds of rectangular shape.

Actually the fashionable doll wears a set of jewelry not just a single necklace. One could notice a beautiful cubic ring with emerald-cut diamond set inside. All these pretties greatly enhanced the price of the doll: while a Barbie doll in a common toy shop would cost you not more than $20, to own this diamond Barbie you'll have to pay almost $550,000 - a pretty nice sum of money. So, are you ready to pay to play with the most expensive Barbie doll?

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