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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chin-chin: Champagne Diamonds

Nowadays not a single socialite can do without diamonds, that serve as essential part of the whole wardrobe to create an inimitable style of the wearer. While white diamonds are usually worn in the day time champagne diamonds are worn only at night to underline the elegance of the evening gown.

Rare, charming, exotic, unique and amazing champagne diamonds are fairly loved by women. Indeed, champagne diamonds exist in a wide range of colors: from light straw to fancy cognac. They are just perfect for red carpet events as they match nearly each color. To let you realize the uniqueness of champagne diamonds in full let's view their history and origin.

A greater part of champagne diamonds – about 95% of all champagne diamonds – come from Argyle Diamond mine, Australia. This mine is considered to be the largest producer of diamonds in the world, though only 5% of all mined diamonds are qualified as gems and a tiny part of them are champagne and cognac. Even Australian aborigines believe that the origin of fancy colored diamonds is mythical: they are a part of barramundi fish that was lucky to escape through the net.

The largest fancy cognac diamond in the world is the Golden Jubilee mined in Jagersfontein, Africa. This yellow-brown diamond is pear-shaped and weights 111.59 carats – it is the largest faceted diamond on the planet. In 1983 Stephen Zbova bought it for $900,000. Surely, the price would be much higher these days.

The way this and the rest of champagne diamonds were formed in nature is that the lattice structure of diamond was changed due to very high pressure caused by plastic deformation. As a result, champagne and cognac as well as red and pink diamonds appeared. Judging from all these facts, most likely you would think champagne diamonds are very rare and you surely would be right but for created diamonds.

There is a good news for fans of fancy yellow diamond: fancy colored diamonds can be grown by man. Due to modern technologies and studies people were able to recreate natural conditions with intensely high pressure and temperature in a chamber. So, currently there is no need to wait while fancy cognac diamond will be dug from under the ground – it may take years to wait. Instead it can be grown in the laboratory. What is more, diamonds created by man are real with absolutely the same quality of naturally-occurring diamonds. And the price pleases each customer. While mined cognac diamonds cost a real fortune, man made diamonds are several times cheaper.

Probably, man made diamond were created to give an average person an opportunity to feel himself like a real celebrity, what do you think?

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