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Monday, July 19, 2010

Loose or Set Diamonds: What to Choose

At all times precious rings and diamonds were a symbol of luxury and prosperity. Ring with a diamond gem, so great and pure as a mountain stream, is not only coruscatingly beautiful but it also emphasizes (to a greater extent than other precious rings) the high status of the owner. Diamond in such a ring is its main pride, the most valuable and beautiful stone. So it is very important such set diamond to be entirely flawless.

Is it possible to be sure the diamond in your diamond ring is flawless? Yes, if you have seen this diamond loose.

Sometimes setting can be a great way to hide scams. Scams are little defects jewelry dealers want to conceal in order to sell a diamond ring for higher price than it really costs. For instance, dealers usually try to hide the slightest flaw under the prong of the ring. It allows to make diamond of I1 clarity to go for VS2 in a ring setting. If you want to take a candid look at a diamond gem, ring is not the best choice for this. It is recommended to buy a loose stone and set it in a ring then for you not to be surprised one day when you suddenly discover a black spot on your diamond. Also some dealers resort to diamond 'coloring'. They apply a tiny point of paint onto the gem's lowest tip to color it in rare colors like green, blue or pink. It is known that colored diamonds are more expensive so if you buy such 'painted' diamond you will overpay a great sum of money. Such diamond is hard to be thoroughly examined when set in a ring, buy you may feel free to fiddle and fumble a loose diamond as you like in a search of any defects if there are any.

Moreover, when you buy a loose diamond to set it in instead of already made diamond ring, you have a chance to choose the exact gem you want to have in your ring. Loose diamonds exist in a wide range of colors, hues, cut, weight and clarity. Imagine you want a ring with 1 carat greenish emerald cut diamond of VS2 clarity. In jewelry store there is always a limited number of rings especially with green diamonds. What is more, you have an opportunity to become a jewelry designer for a minute. You may design the setting for your diamond and be proud of it while showing it off to your friends.

Have a chance to create your own unique diamond ring!

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