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Friday, July 23, 2010

If the Cap Fits Wear It, Especially If It's Diamond

Actually this is not the cap but a gorgeous diamond tiara encrusted with rare pink diamonds from Argyle Mine, a world known source of pink diamonds. Rio Tinto's 178 pink diamond gems of various hues and sizes make girls envy. To see this unbelievable beauty one should visit London within the next few days where the Masterpieces London Fair is going to take place from June 24 to June 26.

Though the tiara is shaped in up-to-date style it seems to keep the air of the past era. Pink masterpiece is priced at $2 million. Surely this is not the thing girls can't live without but it is just perfect for important events like the Red Carpet event or marriage. Speaking of marriages, a country music star Carrie Underwood wore pink diamond tiara at her wedding party on July 10 this year. This was the present of her then-husband Mike Fisher. 40 carat pale pink tiara was a perfect complement to Underwood's brilliant happy smile.

As you see such cute but expensive things like diamond tiaras also have demand regardless the high price tags. This one will possibly find its owner too. To see more of unique and rare things you are welcome to visit the Fair where pink diamond jewelry including the pink tiara will be showcased by Asprey. Fresh news about the exhibits of the Masterpiece London Fair coming soon.


  1. What a beautiful Diamond Crown.And what a design!
    I Like the pink diamonds.

  2. Yeah, pink diamonds are great but they are "a bit" expensive. And such a crown just remains an inaccessible for most of the people. That is why this blog is dedicated to created diamond, which first are eco-friendly and do not make any harm to nature, and second are less costly(especially of larger size and fancy color) than natural stones. They are created to make the dream come true.