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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Who Wears Man Made Diamonds?

As man made diamonds are gradually winning the market being a serious threat to natural diamonds there is a question "Who wears man made diamonds?"

About 70% of women would give preference to lab grown diamonds due to their lower price and equal-to-natural quality, however diamond growing laboratories can't yet satisfy such high demand. For instance Gemesis, a leading and world known manufacturer of lab grown diamonds, produces only several thousand carats of man made diamonds per year - compare to De Beers 35 million carats a year. The pleasant thing is that Gemesis as well as Apollo Diamonds and other leading producers of man made diamonds are enlarging the number of diamond growing chambers each year, for example the number of chambers were increased tenfold by Gemesis for the last seven years.

As for the targeted audience, both men and women buy diamonds, yet diamonds remain girl's best friend mostly. Nowadays every socialite considers wearing diamond to be a kind of tradition. Thanks to great variety of diamond's colors and hues they can be worn both at day time and at night. Still diamonds remain rare and sought-after jewelry due to their high price and very often fashion tendency is not pocket-friendly for those who follow it. This is where man made diamonds join the game.

Created in the laboratory man made diamonds are almost impossible to be detected, so it is clear why modern fashion mongers prefer them. The only difference is a tiny laser inscribed serial number which is used for your protection. The number is seen only under magnifying glass and is absolutely unnoticeable for naked eye. The rest of the diamond - optical, physical and chemical characteristics - is identical to natural gem. Even the color! Man made diamonds as well as naturally-occurring diamonds can be of various colors: blue, green, yellow, cognac and pink. Jewelry with fancy colored diamonds looks and costs just perfect that is why it is the best choice for modern socialites.

Moreover, the main slogan of man made diamonds is that they are eco-friendly and conflict free. As more and more people today join the green movement created diamonds are winning a larger audience. They do not imply human rights abuse, violence, child labor or damage to environment, so created diamond wedding rings are getting popular on green weddings these days.

Eco-conscious brides and fashion mongers choose man made diamonds, and what about you?

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