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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reasonable Economy – How to Buy Real Diamonds Without Being Cheated

As experience shows when you buy a cheap thing you primarily scrimp at the expense of its quality. Diamond jewelry is not an exception.

Nowadays there a lot of tempting offers online entice you to buy cheap diamond jewelry starting from as little as only $8 per carat. On the one hand, real diamonds are rather expensive and can't be treated as a pocket friendly jewelry, but on the other hand, customers are looking for sales to economize on diamonds without apparent overpayment. So where is the limit of reasonable economy?

Keep in mind, cheap diamonds are not diamonds at all. They may resemble real diamonds at first sight but the main advantage and unique characteristic of real diamonds is that they are forever, it means they are solid, fadeless, wearproof, and long-lasting. It's all along of diamond's chemical composition and physical structure. Diamond is pure carbon hardly compressed under high pressure and intense temperature. Though diamond is an allotrope of carbon the same as graphite (seems nothing in common) it has got its solidity due to cubic crystal structure, where each atom forms four bonds with its neighboring atoms. It makes diamond scratchproof when it can be cut by diamond only. Cheap diamonds can't boast to have all these properties.

Thus, diamonds are unique gems so loved and wanted by women. But they are rare and expensive, so there are no cheap diamonds. However there are affordable diamonds. They are cheaper than those found in the Earth mantle and they are real. They are created by man. You may find a lot of terms used for them like “created diamonds”, or “man made diamonds”, or “cultured diamonds”. They are not so expensive due to technological process of their growing: it is not so time and resource consuming as mining. To grow diamond engineers take a tiny piece of real diamond, then graphite and put all these into a special chamber where they recreate the conditions those occurring deep under the ground. As a result an absolutely real diamond with all its properties is grown. But it is rather cheaper than natural stone and is quite affordable. One can save up to $2000 on one carat of colorless and yellowish diamond and up to several thousands of dollars on bigger or fancy colored gems as the price for each carat of created diamond grows proportionally.

As you see, you can save on diamond jewelry but don't be cheated by very low prices.

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