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Sunday, August 8, 2010

... Who's the Fairest of Them All? - The Truth About Lab Grown diamonds

Normally the name of any thing should reflect the essence of it and associate it with what it actually is. What would you think about diamonds when they are called 'lab grown', 'man made', 'created', 'eco', or 'synthetic'? Some people believe whatever the name of diamond is if it's not 'natural' or 'mined' it is fake. It is far out the truth!

Lab grown diamonds are considered to be the work of art of contemporary scientists who managed to recreate natural processes which took place millions of years ago deep under the ground. They applied high temperature high pressure technology to make a gem out of graphite. Engineers reduced the time of creation of diamonds from a great number of years to several days without affecting diamond properties.

Diamonds grown in the laboratory remain most solid mineral in the world (rated number 10 at Mohs scale of hardness) highly used in industry as well as in fine jewelry. They are identical to mined diamonds by their crystal structure and chemical composition so they look like natural diamond and can't be visually distinguished from naturally occurring diamonds. Frankly speaking lab grown diamonds are not just visually the same, even after the crush test it is impossible to detect them: they are hard, tough, endure and scratchless. The only distinguishing feature is the identical number of the manufacturer - like of Gemesis or Apollo Diamonds - laser inscribed on the gem. The rest is the same: allure, beauty, luster and flawlessness.

If created diamonds should stand the test one day to compete natural diamonds most likely the results would be identical … except one point:

Wearproof: Yes
Tough: Yes
Fadeless: Yes
Shining: Yes
Long-lasting: Yes
Hardness: Yes
Similar chemical composition: Yes
Conflict free: Yes
Naturally Occurred: No

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