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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Diamond-Enspired Black Luxury Lamp

Black color is not accidentally included in the classic palette of colors: little black dress, diamonds and luxury cars are all buy-or-die things. Black color inspired Coco Chanel to create elegant and exquisite costumes, it brought fame to Malevich and became a symbol of respectability, restraint and mystical charm all around the world.

Designers love black color and diamonds. The combination of both can develop into something unexpectedly beautiful. Black speaks about bold and independent character of its owner while diamonds indicate refined taste and chick. For example, if you want to impress somebody and add faint note of mysticism and magic in the atmosphere of interior, it is recommended to have black furnishings and something with diamond luster effect.

It seems Philipp Bruni knew the secret of success. This designer used the combination of contrasts and indued a standard lamp shedding white light into black covering. Bruni's masterpiece which he created for Austrian company Molto Luce is called "Diamonds". The designer could reach in all senses the brilliant effect. The lampshade, which resembles the structure of a gemstone, is pierced by washes of light, resulting in unique radiance and volume. The base, in a shape of long triple leg, gets "Diamonds" into futuristic shape. Brilliant black standard lamp arises the feeling of timid reverence and delight, making everyone forget about the existence of other colors and gems.

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