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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Diamonds and Top-models

Even the most charming dress can look like a piece of cloth while it is on the hanger but when it is worn by a woman it takes the shape and seems to come alive. The same with diamond jewelry: it is impossible to comprehend all its preciosity and beauty while it is in the showcase, but when diamonds are worn by someone it is easy to imagine how they would look like on you. That is why diamonds are “model's” best friends too and often appear on catwalks or photo shoots.

When photographed separately diamonds are great and draw all your attention but still you have to use your imagination to 'see' how they would look on your wrist or finger. On the other hand, when gems are advertised by fashion models there is a risk the viewers won't grab all beauty of a product as a part of their attention can be drawn by a model. However professional photographers do not consider it to be a problem because they manage to put diamonds in a favorable light.

Most of the photographers or directors create interesting images to accentuate on diamond beauty. For example Lara Stone dressed as an innocent nun was a perfect model to advertise stunning gems. Cedric Buchet, an outstanding fashion photographer, made unusual photos of Stone where all the attention is compelled to dazzling gems and pink lipstick:)

Other photographers think the less clothes is dressed on a model the better, probably that is where the idea of string panties encrusted with diamonds come from. Romanian model Danielle Luminita was the one to wear such gorgeous lingerie on a fashion show in Singapore this year. 518 little round-shaped diamonds decorated the panties and made them cost $120,000.

Most recent model who advertised diamonds was Antonella Graef. She played a role of glamor milkmaid wearing diamonds. She is so cute and artistic and wears the jewelry with dignity. She posed for Vogue Russia July 2010 and brought the idea of diamonds for everyday wear.

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