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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Little Thing That Can Turn a Nightmare Into the Happiest Event of Your Life

How many girls and brides know the price of their wedding rings? If asked not many of them know how much it costs while an engagement ring can seem to be a real nightmare for fiance because of its sky-high price.

There is a tradition to present diamond engagement ring but no other ring substituents for wedding event and most of the girls are not going to change this old custom. In this case men have every reason to fear wedding with all its fuss and expenses. Still there is something that can turn wedding fear to wedding fun and this is a created diamond wedding ring – a little thing that makes great changes.

What is it?
Created diamond wedding ring is the ring with a man made diamond inside instead of mined diamond. Created diamond is a real diamond which is grown in the laboratory by competent specialists. It takes several days to cultivate such a diamond as compared to naturally occurring diamonds which take thousands of years to be formed deep inside the Earth mantle. Despite the fact that the process of growing diamonds is rather complicated it still takes less resources comparatively to mining process, thus lab grown diamonds are less expensive than mined diamonds – up to 15% cheaper per carat. This gives an opportunity to save on diamond engagement ring and to have some money left for romantic honeymoon trip – a Huge plus in favor of man made diamonds.

What are the wearing qualities of man made diamonds?
The known phrase “diamonds are forever” refers to mined diamonds as well as to created diamonds. Man made diamonds possess absolutely the same physical properties of natural diamonds because of their identical-to-mined-diamonds chemical composition. Lab grown gems are ideal for everyday wear as they are wearproof, solid, tough and scratchless. In addition such diamonds are fadeless what makes them best choice for hands down gifts.

Nowadays created diamond rings are available in a wide range. There is a possibility to choose any shape, color and size of the ring as well as to make special order to your taste. Let man made diamond engagement ring turn your wedding into happy and most pleasant event.

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