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Monday, September 27, 2010

Rough White 196-carat Diamond Mined in Sough Africa This Month

September was a successful month for miners at Letseng mine in Lesotho, South Africa. They were lucky to find a sparkling piece of diamond rock of 196 carats in size. The distinguishing feature of this very stone is its perfect clarity and top color.

Letseng diamond mine belongs to Gem Diamonds Ltd, a leading diamond producer with a head office in London and mines all over the world. This very mine has a reputation of the one where the diamonds of exceptional quality and size are found. Three out of twenty world largest diamonds were found there including the Lesotho Promise sized 603 carats that was mined in August 2006.

Speaking about the price it is always shocking when it refers to natural diamonds. For instance, the aforesaid Lesotho Promise was sold for $12,4 million. A great deal of! The next giant was not long in coming – the Letseng Legacy, 493-sized rough diamond, was mined three years ago and sold for $10,4 million. The following year the 478-carat Light of Letseng broke the record of two previous stones and went for $18,4 million. The experts believe that the 196-carat diamond will deserve a decent price too.

The price for natural diamonds can be described as shocking, striking, unbelievable, incredible, whatever but it seems“high” is not enough to define it. One more example to prove it: the 507.5 Cullinan mined last year was sold in February 2010 for record $35,3 million – the highest price ever paid for rough diamond stone. Do you think all of them are worth the price?

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