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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wearing Diamond Studs

Stud earrings are designed just to fit over the hole in a pierced ear. They can be cute and elegant, it is assumed that every woman should have at least one pair of studs in her jewelry box. Stud earrings can be of different form, color and made of any material from plastic to diamonds. As you can guess from the name of this blog, we are going to concentrate on diamond studs today.

Diamond studs are solitary stone earrings, so the whole attention of the viewers are riveted to the stone. Then choose a diamond stone wisely. Pay attention to color, shape and size.

Color. Usually diamonds are divided into two color types: fancy colored and colorless. Fancy colored diamonds are cognac, green, red, pink, blue and their hues. Colorless diamond studs are the most popular. The thing is that they match nearly all types of clothes you may wear like formal or semi-formal, one-colored or multicolored. White diamond studs are most traditional ones and they are a must for every woman. But if you have an opportunity to buy another pair of diamond studs it is better to purchase fancy colored diamond earrings like red or blue. The thing is that diamond studs are rather expensive, that is why more and more women prefer lab-grown diamonds for this case. They are a bit cheaper and give a chance to save for an extra pair of studs.

Shape or cut. Round cut is the most popular shape for diamond stud earrings. However stud earrings can be of various shapes like pear, princess, oval, emerald or of any other diamond cut. The choice of a shape depends on the taste of a woman: someone likes princess cut diamond studs while other prefers round studs.

Size. Diamond size is measured in carats. There is a tendency to think that the larger the stone is the prettier it is. Wrong statement. No doubt that a larger diamond gem will emphasize your financial status, however it can look too arrogant and garish is some cases. For example, large diamond studs are just perfect for special events like receptions or balls. Nowadays many brides choose to wear diamond studs on their wedding event because of earrings' pleasant yet unobtrusive sparkle. On the other hand, if you wear large diamond studs with semi-formal outfits they will just look off base. For such events it is better to have small diamond buds.

Recommendation for wearing diamond studs: when wearing your diamond studs pin your hair up or back, put on a strapless dress that bares your neck and shoulders, then nothing will distract attention from your diamond earrings.

A diamond stud consists of a gemstone, tack and backing. Somebody can have problems with a backing, as it is a tiny thing that tends to be lost. In this case it is better to store your studs in an earring holder. It is recommended to have a holder with more holes than you really need. Always put the backing on an earring. If you don't have an earring holder and hold your earrings in a box, still put a backing in order not to lose it. When dropped it is easier to find an earring with a backing on it than a backing itself.

Diamond studs is an elegant type of jewelry easy to match to your clothes style and other pieces of jewelry. Though rather simple they may add bright and dazzling accents to any ensemble.

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