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Monday, November 1, 2010

Campaign Launched by WDC to Battle Conflict Diamonds

Do you know what WDC is? Those who follow the news of diamond trade market do know that WDC means World Diamond Council. This organization was found by diamond trading and diamond manufacturing companies in 2000. The main tusk of the Council (actually the aim it was created for) is to lessen the number of conflict diamonds that are sold to get income to support wars in conflict zones. The Council also analyzes the way diamonds are mined and traded. There are more than 70 members in the Council, they are mainly manufacturers, traders and jewellers. It also has 10 committees to report to the Council regularly. It's just a brief description of WDC.

This year WDC launched campaign to struggle with conflict diamonds. First of all this is a kind of informational battle. The Council upgraded its official website and now it looks like this: Last time it featured any changes 6 years ago. It's a great resource for international jewellers as well as traders and customers.

What can you find on the web – first of all it is the general information about the Council, its members, directors, committees and the work they do. There you are going to have an access to video materials, some documents and photos that prove the Council is trying to withdraw conflict diamonds from jewelry market. The website is also going to present latest news about its campaign and efforts.

Surely, the Council is trying to accentuate positive aspects of mined diamonds and want to heighten customer's interest in them. It also emphasizes the importance of diamond industry for the economies of the countries where they are obtained. But the thing is that there are too much information about negative features of Earth diamonds and there is a great shift of interest from mined toward created diamonds now. Right, currently when people are more eco-conscious and feel responsible for human rights violation they try to find the alternative ways for conflict things: in case of diamonds there are lab grown diamonds.

Gemesis, New Age Diamonds, Apollo Diamonds and other diamond manufacturers are making efforts to satisfy the needs of diamond-lovers. It should be said they are rather successful in it. Long years of experience proved diamonds grown in the laboratories with the usage of modern high technologies are real diamonds. Created diamonds are used in fine jewelry as well as in industry like abrasives and in production of various cutting-sawing-drilling tools. But what makes them better and will never make them conflict is their origin. They are grown in the laboratories without digging, mining and making any harm to environment. Lab grown diamonds are 100% conflict-free. Probably, they should have had better promotional campaign to reignite public perception of created diamonds.

By the way, what is your attitude towards laboratory grown diamonds? Please, feel free to leave your comments.

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