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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Most Expensive Mobile Phone in the World

As the legend says the Roman soldiers thought that diamonds were gods' hardened tears that bring courage. It seems the gods were crying hard while Stuart Hughes was taking efforts to create the most expensive mobile phone on the planet.

The famous British jeweller Stuart Hughes, who is well-know for his diamond encrusted cell phones, revealed his latest brilliant masterpiece iPhone 4. The price is jaw-dropping - $8 million! But it is reasonable: this mobile phone features 500 flawless diamonds with a total weight of 100 carats. There are two unique interchangeable diamonds to fit over the “home” button – one is 7.4 carat pink diamond and rare 8 carat flawless diamond. Both diamonds cost about $6.4 million together. Could you believe this?!

To make the phone even more glamorous Stuart Hughes used pink gold to plate its back part. Also the Apple logo is the one to catch the eye of its owner, it is adorned by 53 tiny individual diamonds.

“It was a kind of challenge to created such a fabulous set” said Stuart Hughes. “And I'm satisfied with the result”. The iPhone 4 is really awesome (regardless the price). Actually there are two phones. One Australian businessman – surely a mega-rich one – asked the British jeweller to make two of them. So, both iPhones will cost him double price $16 million.

As a true designer Hughes created an individual pack for his phones – they are cut from a single 7 kg block of pink granite and upholstered by Nubuck leather.
Well, what do you think about such mega-expensive phones? Would you like to have one? One thing I am sure is that it will be a great misfortune to lose such a pricey phone.

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