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Friday, October 22, 2010

Vivid Orange Diamond - It's a Luck to Find One

Fancy colored diamonds are very rare to find. This is real luck and excellent investment chance to mine one. Recently Namakwa Diamonds happened to have double luck: they discovered 7.53 carat rare vivid orange diamond and 26.74 carat colorless diamond, both of them are considered to be flawless.

According to Namakwa Diamonds, the most popular vivid orange diamond is 5.54 carat Pumpkin diamond worn by an actress Halle Berry for Oscar Presentation 2002.
In nature only one of 100 hundred mined diamonds is orange, pink diamonds are even more rare to be discovered especially if they are larger than five carats in size, like this one.

Both vivid orange and colorless diamonds will be auctioned in Johannesburg soon. Frankly speaking, it's hard to predict what the price will be. Surely, both pieces will cost millions of dollars but how many millions we'll know only after auction take place.

It's impossible to hold from telling about created diamonds again. Yeah, fancy colored diamonds of certain hues like vivid orange or intense pink are not so often to grow. You should make an order and wait till it will be created because growing diamonds is very delicate work. But you won't have to wait thousands of years – it's for sure – time needed for diamond formation under the Earth mantle. And there is no need to dig out heaps of rock in the hope to find the one and only diamond. Created diamonds are real diamonds but they are much eco-, pocket- and conflict-friendly ones. Engineers managed to grow such rare specimens like vivid orange or fancy deep red diamonds for affordable price.

And what is your attitude to created diamonds? Would you mind to have one?

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