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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rare, Unique and Very Expensive... Because Pink

Among roses pink, white, red and yellow are common colors, but when somebody wants to have more unique flowers he can buy black, greenish or violet roses, which are more costly than usual ones. It's just the opposite with diamonds. White and yellowish are considered to be common while pink is very rare. That is why pink diamond are of great worth (like the one in a previous post).

Pink diamonds have always been sought after gems especially among celebrities. The latter are usually in the public eye, thus they want to be ensured public see them in the best possible way. Pink diamonds are just fine to let starlets look perfect. Add to this that fact that most pink diamonds weight less than three carats and you will understand how expensive are those that are larger. Only very rich people can afford to possess pink diamond jewelry. The example of such a diamond – six-carat pink gem – could be seen on Jennifer Lopez's finger when Ben Affleck proposed her. Victoria Beckham and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy can boast to have pink diamond wedding rings too.

Such solemn event like Oscar presentation can do without diamonds either. Stars like Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Nicole Kidman were spotted wearing pink diamond rings at latest Red Carpet event. The president of the Canadian Gemological Association Duncan Parker comment on this fact: “I definitely think celebrities are always looking for something rare and something unique, and among diamonds, pink diamonds are exactly that”.

However the majority of non-celebrated people do pay attention on a price tag while choosing a diamond, and pink diamonds are surely off the list. Such things like carat weight and color intensity determine the cost of pink diamond. 1 carat of pink costs more that of white diamond, and the price doesn't go proportionally, noway! The large pink diamond is, the more you'll have to pay, sometimes the price is just exorbitant (like here).

Those who have an affection for pink diamonds but find them to be too expensive can have a cheaper but non the less brilliant alternative – created pink diamonds. Like natural they possess different color depth from pale rose to intense pink. The price varies of course, however not to such a great extent like for naturally-formed diamonds. The main plus is that the price varies proportionally to the size of the diamond. For instance one carat of created pink diamond costs $5,000, then 2 carats will cost $10,000 accordingly. Be sure you won't buy mined 2 carat diamond for $10,000.

Created diamonds are hitting the jewelry market these days and more people start trusting gemstones grown in the laboratories. All diamonds created by man are certified by a number of leading gemological laboratories which proved cultured diamonds possess all the properties of naturally-occured gems: solidity, durability, wearproofness, toughness and all the rest characteristics typical for mined diamond gems. The thing is that diamonds created in the laboratory are formed under the same conditions as natural diamonds – under high temperature and intense pressure. So both gems are nearly identical but for the place and time of formation. And the price! Their price tag is pleasant to look at, and “affordable” is just the right word to describe lab grown diamonds.

If both naturally-formed and created diamonds are real ones what would you choose?

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