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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Unnatural" price for natural diamond

Diamonds are a girl's best friends – it's right, but this one is going to be the most expensive “friend”.

According to Sotheby's rare pink diamond ring will go for $27-38 million at an auction in Geneva next month. This unique diamond is graded fancy intense pink, the color which is very rare to be found in nature. The size of a gem is 24.78 carats and it has classic emerald cut with gently rounded corners. The stone is one of few that can be graded entirely flawless. However it has a flaw which is unnoticed to naked eye (probably it appeared by reason of wearing). But experts claim it will disappear after polishing.

The name of the owner of pink diamond ring is unknown. Still he-or-she is the one who had this stunning jewelry in possession for about 60 years. Currently the ring is being exhibited worldwide with the starting point in Hong Kong on October 2. It will be auctioned in Geneva on October 16, so let's keep up with the news.

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