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Friday, November 26, 2010

Inspired by Kalashnikov

What would you do if you had about $60,000 in your pocket? We are not sure as for other people but true fashionista would spend this sum of money for a piece of fashion art like Akilis belt.

A year before Gucci impressed fashion mongers by its brilliant leather belt featuring a double G buckle encrusted with diamonds. Retailing at $250,000 it got the status of most expensive belt in the world. Probably to compete with the leader this year Akillis, a luxury jewelry designer, presented its version of a fashionable leather band. Priced at “only” $55,700 it can hardly battle with Gucci's but it surely to impress everybody by its unique buckle: seven empty Kalashnikov riffle bullets embedded with diamonds. These were gangsters and spies who inspired the designer to create such a belt. According to chief executive of Akillis Caroline Gaspard, he believes that for those who like ultra-luxury the price won't be a bump at all. Indeed, three expensive pieces of art have already found their happy owners.

Would you like to wear a 55,700-dollar belt on your waist?

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