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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pricey, Affordable and Cheap Diamonds

Diamonds can be sorted by different criteria: by color, grade, carat size, cut and clarity. All these parameters significantly influence the price of the stone. Especially if the stone is a mined one.

But what would you think about the diamond costing a couple of dollars when you know it should be much more expensive?
We took the initiative to sort the diamonds to three classes: mined, created and fake — they are pricey, affordable and cheap respectively. Let's take a closer loot at them.

Pricey or natural diamonds are mined diamonds that used to cost a great deal of money due to the complicated mining procedure and concomitant events in this field like smuggling and monopoly on diamond trading market. Known tradition to present a diamond wedding ring to a wife-to-be made them in high demand both by diamond retailers and diamond jewelry lovers. Since an engagement ring should be a lovely cherished present for a bride, it can become a real stumbling stone for a young couple. Alongside their unique properties naturally-occurring diamonds are known for their unusual high price. For instance, three stone diamond ring in platinum just 2 carat in size may cost you from $13,000 to $17,000. Thus, nowadays less people give preference to “real thing”, according to surveys they are less than 52%. Instead they prefer affordable diamonds.

Cultured diamonds gained the status of affordable diamonds due to their pocket-friendly price. However, there will be a mistake to refer cultured diamonds to cheap ones. Unlike cheap “diamonds” that are fake and are mostly cubic zirconia by their nature, created diamonds are real diamonds grown synthetically. Little do people know that laboratory grown diamonds are of the same properties as mined stones. Oh, no, they do know judging from that fact that created diamonds are getting popular these days! By affordable we mean they are a bit cheaper than mined diamonds, however you will definitely feel significant economy after buying fancy colored created diamond of say 2 or 3 carat weight. The main advantage of created diamonds is that the price grows proportionally with each extra carat, compare to natural diamonds, which are very expensive when they are large. Synthetic diamonds are also a great possibility for eco-conscious people to demonstrate their destination towards environmental protection.

Speaking about fake or cheap diamonds they are not diamonds at all though they resemble diamond luster and brilliance. They can be fine to decorate accessories like hairpins, belts, purses, pieces of clothes, but they are not an ideal choice for fine jewelry, it's for sure.

Well, as you see nothing but created diamonds can substitute natural diamonds with all their unique properties and unbelievable beauty.

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